Rich Paul Breaks Silence on Zach LaVine Rumors

Zach LaVine's agent addresses the trade speculations surrounding his client.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have been desperately trying to trade Zach LaVine over the past year but have so far failed to do so. The injury concerns combined with his massive deal that pays him over $40 million a season for the next three years, make LaVine a risky gamble for any team.

Even though teams like the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors are still interested in the All-Star shooting guard, the Bulls haven't found a deal that works for both sides. This has frustrated Bulls fans and turned them against LaVine as if it is his fault that he isn't traded.

His agent Rich Paul addressed the unfair criticisms LaVine has faced recently.

"I want to make this clean and clear: This whole idea that Zach has been anything but professional in this situation is false. This guy has played hurt. He has represented the franchise with class. A lot has taken place during his time with the Bulls and he’s taken the high road every time. Does every player get frustrated at times? Yes. But Zach has been the ultimate professional and deserves better."

LaVine's agent Rich Paul

Speaking to NBC Sports Chicago, Paul added that they are letting the Bulls "handle their business".

It is true that the Bulls have to make important decisions this offseason including with DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic. DeRozan will likely leave in a sign-and-trade scenario, and the Bulls would presumably trade Vucevic if they can find a trade that nets them anything of value in return.

Would the Bulls be okay with bringing LaVine back if they can't find a good deal for him now? Should the Bulls be willing to move him if they have to attach additional assets to him in a trade? Would Rich Paul and LaVine accept coming back to Chicago?

Those are all important questions that we are awaiting answers for. LaVine and his agent seem frustrated and clearly want a trade, but whether they will get their wish remains to be seen.

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