Projecting Bears 2024 Starting Offense Stats

The Bears are looking to change the narrative around their franchise this season with the addition of Caleb Williams and other key pieces. Let's look at what a successful season would look like for each player on offense.
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Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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D"Andre Swift - 800 rushing yards, 150 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns

Swift had the best year of his career last season with the Eagles, gaining 1,263 scrimmage yards (1,049 rushing and 214 receiving), and 13 total touchdowns ( 5 rushing and 8 receiving). However, most of Swift's success can be boiled down to the fact the Eagles have one of the best offensive lines in all of football.

While the Bears' offensive line isn't terrible, it certainly isn't a top unit in the NFL, and Swift tends to struggle with average offensive lines. Due to the difference in offensive lines, Swift's running production will take a hit this season, resulting in him only rushing for 800 yards.

Luckily, Swift is a dual-threat back, capable of making plays in the receiving game. However, with the amount of weapons the Bears have on offense, Swift probably won't be looked at as much out of the backfield, which is why the receiving total is only 150 yards.

Running back touchdowns are one of the more difficult stats to predict in football because the lead back could be switched out on the goal line, or the team decides to pass inside the five-yard line. That is why it is hard to see Swift with, anything more than six touchdowns as a Bear this season.

D.J. Moore - 1,100 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns

Much like D'Andre Swift, D.J. Moore is coming off the best season of his career. Last year, Moore amassed 1,364 receiving yards and eight touchdowns as the Bears' only reliable receiving option. Moore won't be asked to do it all in the receiving game this season since they have made some major upgrades.

With Moore having to do less this season, BetMGM has his receiving line at 1025.5 yards. That's only 74.5 yards shy of 1,100 yards, which means that number is totally attainable. If Moore can break free on a few plays like he did last year, 74.5 extra yards should be easy.

In terms of Moore's touchdown output this season, BetMGM has the line at 6.5 touchdowns. Since the ball will be spread around more this season, Moore's touchdown output is bound to drop from the eight he had last season. However, it shouldn't drop too significantly since Moore will still be a top target for Williams, so there is no reason he shouldn't have six touchdowns.