Lonzo Ball Reveals Disturbing Details of Knee Injury

The Chicago Bulls guard reveals scary details about his knee injury.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Lonzo Ball has not played basketball since January 2022. The Chicago Bulls point guard has been dealing with nagging knee injuries for the past 2.5 years, undergoing three surgeries. The 26-year-old recently went into detail about his injury and recovery and it is shocking.

In the most recent episode of the podcast, WAE show that he co-hosts, Ball revealed the extent of what he has gone through over the last couple of years. The most incredible part was when he said he had a new meniscus donated to him.

Lonzo Ball Reveals Scary Details About Knee Injury

Ball said that after tearing his meniscus a few times, there wasn't any left and his bones were rubbing against each other. So, he had to get a new meniscus and cartilage, as well as a bone allograft. It sounds like they basically reconstructed his left knee from scratch.

On the bright side, however, Ball seems in good spirits and says he is back on the court. According to him, the first year of his absence was about figuring out what was wrong with his knee, calling it a "wasted year". Once they figured it out, he had three procedures done on the knee that took 14-15 months, bringing us to today.

The former UCLA star recently opted into the final season of his contract, paying him $21.4 million for the 2024-25 campaign. There remains some hope about him returning to play next season but it's hard to count on that after he missed so much time.

Ball's injury and contract status have been a huge burden for the Bulls, leaving them short-handed and financially restricted. If they can get any contribution from him next season, it would be a huge boost. Otherwise, his expiring contract can be used in a trade. Regardless of where he ends up, let's hope Ball can stay healthy and get back to basketball at some point.

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