Bulls Make Perplexing Coaching Decision

The Chicago Bulls continue to frustrate their fans with confusing decisions across the board.
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The NBA Playoffs are still ongoing but the Chicago Bulls wrapped up their season over a month ago after failing to make it for the second straight season. For a team that sets a very achievable objective of being the eight-seed year in and year out, failing to make the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference is a massive failure.

However, for some reason, the Chicago Bulls organization isn't treating it like one. Instead, they are doubling down on the mistakes that got them there and continue to make baffling decisions.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported on Saturday that Chicago is hiring Wes Unseld Jr. to be the top assistant coach to Billy Donovan.

Bulls News: Chicago Makes Baffling Decision on Coaching Staff

This is perplexing for a variety of reasons. First, Unseld Jr. was quite possibly the worst head coach in the NBA of the past few seasons. He was underachieving even for the Washington Wizards' standards and got fired mid-season even though the Wizards were rebuilding. He consistently put together some of the worst defensive groups in the league and Washington had the worst defensive rating in the league last season by a mile. Hiring the architect of that as the lead assistant is confusing.

Second, why are the Bulls reshuffling Billy Donovan's coaching staff instead of bringing in a new head coach? What has Donovan done during his four seasons in Chicago that justify a fifth season?

It is important to remember that the disappointment of the last few seasons isn't entirely on Donovan. This roster isn't very good and has huge weaknesses. The center rotation is a disaster with Nikola Vucevic being a huge negative on both ends of the floor. Zach Lavine has been a shell of himself and is rarely available. Patrick Williams can already be considered a bust after four seasons of minimal development.

This team is consistently chasing mediocrity instead of rebuilding and having a long-term vision. That is not on Billy Donovan.

But it's also clear that Donovan isn't getting this team to perform above their talent level. Holding onto him for another season and hoping things miraculously get better is the perfect example of what has been ailing this franchise for so long.

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