Bears' New Coaching Hire is Smart Addition

The Bears new assistant offensive line coach could be the guy who helps Shane Waldron take this offense to the next level.
Tennessee Titans offensive line coach Jason Houghtaling speaks before an OTA practice at Ascension
Tennessee Titans offensive line coach Jason Houghtaling speaks before an OTA practice at Ascension / Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA

The Chicago Bears have put a huge emphasis on shaking up their coaching staff so far this offseason, and that priority was shown on Thursday.

The Bears made a hiring for an opening they had as an assistant offensive line coach, and it was a great one.

Bears News: Jason Houghtaling Hired

If there’s one thing the Bears have shown they value while rebuilding this coaching staff, it is experience, and Jason Houghtaling brings just that.

Houghtaling started coaching offensive linemen in 2007 at Wegner and has done so ever since. He bounced around at the college level for a while, and with success at various schools earned himself a job with the Tennessee Titian’s in 2020 as the assistant offensive line coach. After two seasons as assistant Houghtaling got promoted to run the offensive line himself.

Although struggles with Tennessee's pass blocking last season may set off some alarms, I don’t think it is as big of a concern as it looks. The constant change in personnel between the quarterback and offensive line played quite a factor in those struggles, and Houghtaling brings a strong track record in the run game, which fits the Bears system perfectly.

With Shane Waldron now running this Bears offense, I think Houghtaling can help get even more out of this group. Waldron has shown consistency in the passing game, even while having a below-average pass block rate. The biggest thing lacking for the Seahawks during Waldron's time play calling was the lack of the run game.

With Jason Houghtaling's addition to the staff, I think this hire can truly bring this offense to the next level. If Waldron can continue his passing success and add a legit run game to back that, this offense could be quite the juggernaut.

This hire, like the rest, has proven the Bears are putting value in building a staff that has experience in their position. Chris Morgan and Jason Houghtaling should be a nice pair to grow this young offensive line.

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