6 Bears Playing Their Last Game With Chicago on Sunday

Matt Eberflus is reportedly returning to the Chicago Bears but these 6 players most likely won't
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Despite a record of 10-23 over the past two seasons as the head coach, Matt Eberflus is predicted to return in 2024. Looking at the overall record, this seems like a mistake. But the truth is, he's done much better in 2023 with a record of 7-9 — and the Bears have won four of their past five games.

Still, there are issues on offense so Eberflus might need to make some changes to that staff. They also have some decisions to make with pending free agents as well as players who have underperformed. With that being the case, here are six Bears who aren't likely to return in 2024.

6. Lucas Patrick, C

A former starter for the Green Bay Packers, Lucas Patrick signed a two-year deal worth $8 million with the Bears last season. He then missed 10 games and when he was on the field, he was a problem. This year, he's been healthy and has 15 starts in 16 games. The only issue is that his play has gotten worse.

Patrick has seen his PFF grade drop a full five points, down to 50.5 — leaving him 31st out of 36 centers in the league. While the PFF grade isn't the only way to measure a player's performance, Patrick has visibly been the weak link on this line.

While the Bears offensive line as a whole has improved, thanks in large part to Braxton Jones and Teven Jenkins, they still need a better answer in the middle. That's why Patrick is unlikely to come back for a third season when his contract is up.