Matt Eberflus dodges the question that every Chicago Bears fan wants to know

Speculation continues that Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will be out of aa job after the season but Matt Eberflus won't address his future.
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Regardless of whether Chicago Bears fans think head coach Matt Eberflus and quarterback Justin Fields should be replaced at the end of the season, there seems to be a universal agreement among the fanbase that offensive coordinator Luke Getsy can not be brought back for a third season.

For all the flaws that Fields may have as the Bears' quarterback moving forward, there is no question that Getsy has never consistently put him in a position to succeed. Outside of a stretch of games last season and two games this season, Getsy has never committed to an offensive scheme that fits Fields' strengths.

There seemingly has been a shift this week in Eberflus' comments regarding Getsy. It would seem that Eberflus has begun to separate himself from Getsy. Eberflus was asked multiple times this week regarding Getsy's status with the team beyond this season and has deferred the question until the end of the season.

"“I love Luke," Eberflus said Wednesday at Halas Hall. "He’s a great leader in the room. Like I said, I’ll evaluate everything at the end. We’re constantly evaluating things every single day, so today after practice, like normal, we’ll meet, we’ll talk about this play, that play, ‘Hey, we like this one; let’s try to do it this way,’ or, ‘Let’s make this correction there,’ so it’s constant communication during the course of the week and then into the game.”"

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That was a careful way for Eberflus to evade questions about Gety's future. Eberflus continued to support his offensive coordinator for the final three games of the regular season but did admit that everything would be evaluated at the end of the season.

It would seem that Eberflus may be positioning himself to return for a third season as the team's head coach while pitching the idea of having a new offensive coordinator. Regardless of whether Fields is the Bears' quarterback next season or USC's Caleb Williams, one thing is clear, a new offensive playcaller is a must.

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