5 Reasons the Chicago Bears Must Quickly Decide to Trade Justin Fields

Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Kirk Cousins being on the open market soon is a big reason why.
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Recent reports indicate the Chicago Bears are beginning the process of trading quarterback Justin Fields.

If general manager Ryan Poles asks other teams what he can potentially get for Fields, it probably means USC quarterback Caleb Williams’ film has wowed him. If Caleb impresses the Bears during the interview process at the NFL Combine (or before the draft), then it seems like a slam dunk that he will be the next quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Even though it is not ideal to draft a quarterback to play under a head coach who might be on the hot seat, Williams’ college resume and abilities make him a better player than Justin.

That is how good Williams is and that is not meant to be a knock toward Fields. Williams’ is already a better pocket passer than Fields. His throwing motion allows the ball to get out quicker than Fields. Both can make exciting things happen with their legs. Justin is clearly faster, but the pocket presence and the release gives Williams the advantage.

Also, time is no longer on Justin’s side. Fields will be in the final year of the cheap portion of his rookie contract. Drafting Caleb resets the quarterback rookie contract clock. Add the ability to throw from the pocket better, release the ball quicker, and the salary cap dynamics and that is why moving on from Fields makes sense.

Plus, Fields could fetch as high as a second-round pick and the Chicago Bears currently do not have a pick in that round. It was worth giving the Washington Commanders that pick for Montez Sweat. At the same time, a lot of talent is going to come off the board between No. 9, the team’s other first-round choice, and No. 75 in the third round.

Even if Fields does not bring back a second-round choice, he will bring a decent return of picks and the Bears currently only have six picks.

If the Chicago Bears decide to trade Fields, they better move fast for these five reasons.

Russell Wilson May Hit the Open Market

The Denver Broncos are moving on from Russell Wilson even though he threw for over 3000 yards and 26 touchdowns last season. Broncos head coach Sean Payton and Wilson turned out not to be a good fit and they are going to go their separate ways.

Wilson can be released by March 17th to avoid paying him $39 million in guaranteed money. Some teams believe Wilson is still a good starter in the NFL despite struggling in Denver.

Teams like Pittsburgh and Atlanta, who feel like they are close to contending for a Super Bowl might decide to go with Wilson and his championship resume than Fields who has a losing regular season record—even if most of the losses are not his fault.