3 Free Agent Targets to Prepare the Bears for Caleb Williams' Arrival

Which free agents do the Bears need to be adding in preparation for Caleb Williams?
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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How do you prepare for the arrival of a quarterback with the #1 overall pick? You've got to make sure he's going to be stepping into the best structure possible. The Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Poles have been building toward this moment for a couple of years now, but it all comes down to this offseason.

In order for Caleb Williams to come into the NFL and have immediate success, the Bears have to make sure that they have as many talented players (and coaches, for that matter) in place so that Williams can thrive.

Which free agents does Poles need to get after right away?

1. Mike Williams, WR

Immediately upon entering the NFL, Caleb Williams is going to be one of the league's best quarterbacks in scramble drills. Part of what makes him such a great prospect is his ability to find open receivers downfield after the play breaks down. Unlike some prospects, that's not the only way Williams excels, but a player like veteran receiver Mike Williams could be outstanding for Caleb Williams to have opposite DJ Moore in this Chicago Bears offense.

Williams was recently released by the Los Angeles Chargers and although he's struggled with injuries throughout his career, he's always been a big-play threat when healthy. DJ Moore is going to take on the majority of the target share in Chicago, but having a playmaker like Williams out there not only takes pressure off Moore, it gives Caleb Williams a big-bodied target he can trust when the Bears push the ball vertically.