3 Bulls on the Chopping Block Next After Alex Caruso Trade

Who is next in line to be traded after Chicago's shocking Alex Caruso move?
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2. Zach LaVine

Trading Zach LaVine is the natural next step for the Chicago Bulls. The only issue is whether the 29-year-old shooting guard has a market.

When healthy and available, LaVine is still a valuable player. He provides elite shooting, good playmaking ability, and scoring punch on the offensive end. However, what he brings to the table isn't worth the combined $89 million he is owed in the next two seasons.

LaVine only played in 25 games last year and had the worst season of his career. He was hobbled by injuries to be fair, but it's safe to say that he is not at the peak of his trade value.

Even though the Bulls are reportedly discussing trades for Zach LaVine already, they may find the market for him to be lukewarm. Finding a team to take on that contract and finding enough salary to match in a potential deal will be difficult. Plus, there is a chance it will be the Bulls who will have to attach additional value to LaVine in a trade. Does it make sense to give up future assets when you are trying to rebuild?

If it was another front office, we could have confidence that they could find a LaVine trade that helps the team. It is hard to have that kind of faith with the Bulls decision-makers.

LaVine will likely be moved but let's hope the Bulls don't end up being big losers in that deal.

3. Nikola Vucevic

The futures of Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Lonzo Ball are naturally big points of discussion but Nikola Vucevic has gone largely under the radar. The same thing can be said about his disastrous 2023-24 season. Despite signing a three-year, $60 million deal with Chicago last offseason, Vucevic somehow eludes criticism. However, he has arguably been the most disappointing player for the Bulls last season.

That Vucevic contract will be difficult to get out of for the Bulls. He has two more years for $41 million total and it's hard to see which team would be willing to pay him that.

Vucevic has always been one of the worst defensive centers in the league. He can't protect the rim, guard out on the perimeter, or provide physicality on the interior. At age 33, his offense took a massive dive too as he only hit 48.4% from the field and a miserable 29.4% from three.

An inefficient offensive center who can't play any defense? Good luck finding a team willing to pay him starter money.

Similar to the LaVine situation, the Bulls may have to attach additional value to Vucevic to use him in a trade. It's time Chicago acquired a younger, higher upside center to replace Vucevic, so he needs to be moved regardless of what it takes.

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