Bulls Reportedly Discussing Zach LaVine Trades Following Caruso Move

Zach LaVine is next in line for the Chicago Bulls in trade discussions.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls pulled off an unexpected move on Thursday when they traded Alex Caruso to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Josh Giddey. After holding on to the elite defender despite numerous better offers, the Bulls decided to part ways with him for the underwhelming guard who will require a new contract next season. They didn't receive any draft compensation, either. This understandably frustrated a lot of Bulls fans.

Fortunately, the Chicago Bulls are not done. According to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, more moves are coming. In fact, the Bulls are in active talks with the Utah Jazz and the Philadelphia 76ers for a potential Zach LaVine trade.

"League sources reiterated that the Bulls remain active on several trade fronts centered on Zach LaVine, including with the Utah Jazz and Philadelphia 76ers."

K.C. Johnson, NBC Sports Chicago

This is a good sign. At least the Bulls front office is willing to reshape the roster instead of running it back again. Yet, the return they received in the Caruso deal should be a concerning sign for what they can negotiate in other deals.

Unlike Caruso, LaVine doesn't have a robust trade market. He is on an albatross of a deal that pays him $43 million for next season. He hasn't been healthy or productive enough in the past two seasons to justify that salary. Therefore, don't expect this trade to bring back a lot of value for Chicago. Especially considering the level of incompetence demonstrated by this front office, we should be happy if they can get anything positive in return.

The Sixers don't have much to offer Chicago. But they have cap space and they can just bring LaVine in without giving up much. This would help the Bulls in a massive way in gaining financial flexibility and cap relief.

Utah, on the other hand, has intriguing young pieces and a ton of draft capital that they can offer Chicago. However, Danny Ainge is a very astute decision-maker and usually wins the trades that he is involved in. How a potential Bulls-Jazz trade involving Ainge and Chicago GM Arturas Karnisovas will take shape will be fascinating to watch.

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