Now the Chicago Cubs should trade for Tyler Glasnow

The Chicago Cubs are making big moves for the 2024 season. They have let some people go and some people are being brought back. On Monday, however, there was a bit of stunning news that circulated the baseball world revolving around the Cubs.

They decided to hire manager Craig Counsell. They gave him a deal that made him the highest-paid manager in Major League Baseball history. He was highly touted all off-season up to this point and now he has his home.

Counsell was a manager for the rival Milwaukee Brewers but they are obviously not bringing him back despite their efforts. He is with their biggest rival now and ready to help lead them to the promised land.

Counsell is going to want some pitching. There are a lot of rumors out there of who they should go get. The free agency market and the trade block are good places to consider looking if you are Jed Hoyer looking to hand Counsell the best chance to win.

The Chicago Cubs should consider making a trade for Tyler Glasnow this off-season.

One player that they might consider is Tyler Glasnow. He is currently one of the top pitchers in the Tampa Bay Rays starting rotation. Over the last handful of years, his health has caused his career to be a roller coaster.

He went down for Tommy John surgery in the middle of the 2021 season. At the time of his injury, he was one of the leading candidates for the American League Cy Young. He has since returned and has been a very effective starting pitcher.

The Cubs could really use someone like this. They may let someone else on the roster be their Opening Day starter out of respect but Glasnow would likely be their best pitcher upon his arrival. In 2023, he made 21 starts and had an ERA of 3.53 and a 2.0 WAR. It was a good year for him.

We know that he has the potential to be even better than that so the Cubs should be talking to the Rays about him if they are serious about moving him. He’d come to Chicago and be a great part of what they hope is an electric staff. He’d be perfect in every way.