Chicago Bears: 5 biggest takeaways from the Week 9 loss vs. the Saints

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Can we all, collectively, stop now? When it comes to the Chicago Bears, the “quarterback controversy” is over.

After a 24-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints where Tyson Bagent accounted for four of the Bears’ five turnovers, it is clear who gives the Chicago Bears the best chance to win.

I love what Bagent has done as an undrafted rookie Division II backup quarterback. It’s not his fault that many (unfairly) put the pressure of a near-century search on his shoulders.

Yet that is what happened, and we all suffer as a result. Claim that Bagent played well if you’d like, but doing so may result in people like me seeing your thought process for what it is.

 These are the five biggest takeaways from the Chicago Bears’ Week 9 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

1. Tyson Bagent is QB2 for a reason.

The Tyson Bagent hype train needs to slow down.

Bagent, to be fair, never asked for this. By all accounts, he has been a model teammate. The dynamic between Justin Fields and Tyson Bagent has looked and sounded healthy.

Yet many have seemed determined to anoint him as ‘the guy.’ That would be irresponsible.

After this game, the noise should quiet down. To be fair, Tyson Bagent played an amazing first half of football for the Chicago Bears.

Besides a bad interception, Bagent looked great in the first half, tossing two touchdowns and converting multiple third downs using his legs while making those quick decisions that fans have fallen in love with.

Then, the fourth quarter happened. Tyson Bagent went 3 for 11 for 19 yards while turning the ball over three times in a disastrous turn of events. The Saints did everything they could offensively to lose this game, but the Bears kept giving it right back.

Tyson Bagent looks like a solid developmental player and I believe he will have a long NFL career. That’s incredible by itself considering his pedigree. We can be happy with that. There’s no need to take this to the extreme.