Notre Dame needs to bounce back and beat Duke

It is Saturday in the fall so you know what that means! There is Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football to watch. This is the best time of the year, especially when the Irish have as good of a team as they have right now.

This is the second weekend in a row in which the Irish are playing a very good-ranked team. Of course, last weekend the Irish lost a heartbreaker in the final moments of the game to Ohio State. It was a very close loss for the Irish as they look to push through this season.

Now, Duke isn’t quite Ohio State but they are a very formidable opponent. They are the number 17 ranked team right now and 4-0 for a reason. They have some very good wins under their belt. The Irish need to bring their best once again to have a chance.

The biggest hurdle for them is not letting the letdown of last week impact them this week. They are not totally out of the College Football Playoff bid just yet but they can’t lose this game to Duke. They have to find a way to win a football game in prime time.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish need a big win this weekend against Duke.

Marcus Freeman is a great coach but he needs to get his guys prepared for this game and it might be one of the hardest games in that regard this season. They are coming off a loss like that just to bounce back and play another very good team.

Quarterback Sam Hartman needs to ball out in this one. They need to score a ton of points and take Duke out of the game early if they really want to make this easy on themselves. There is no reason that Notre Dame can’t beat this team.

If they don’t win, you can chalk it up to the sting of the Ohio State game still hurting them. They have the talent to be a great team. If they win this game, they could get all of their mojo back so that they can make a run at the playoff.

Normally, having one loss is very bad for the Irish because they don’t get a conference championship bid. However, the country is wide open this year and they could take advantage of that. It is just a matter of winning the rest of their games and it starts with Duke.