Chicago Bears Rumors: Trevis Gipson has requested a trade

Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears were in the middle of a preseason game against the Buffalo Bills when some interesting rumors started swirling.

According to a report, Trevis Gipson has requested a trade away from the Chicago Bears. With some of the players that have been added to this team over the off-season, he must feel like his playtime is going to be declining.

Of course, Gipson had a down year last year but so did everyone on the defense. The few good players who had some talent on that 2022 defense couldn’t take advantage of it because the team was so bad.

Based on how well Gipson played the year before, it is clear that he is one of those players. Now, he wants out. That is not ideal for the Bears who would love to have some depth when it comes to pass rushing.

The Chicago Bears may be forced to trade Trevis Gipson at this point.

Meanwhile, while all of these rumors have been swirling, Gipson has been playing well in this game against Buffalo. He has been all over the place.

This isn’t the first preseason game this season that he has played well in either. He has been great and should be on the roster by week one if he is not traded by then. He should also get plenty of reps in games even if he isn’t technically considered to be a starter.

Yes, he would be a starter on a lot of other teams in the league. Maybe he feels like that will get him more playing time and ultimately a bigger payday soon. You can’t blame him but at the same time, the Bears have to do what is right for the organization.

When you think about the teams that he could consider here as he seeks a trade, there are going to be a bunch that jump out. Most contenders should think about the pros and cons of bringing a guy like this in.

Again, he has been dominating in the preseason when he is on the field. As a result, it might be smart for Ryan Poles to do what he can to convince him to stay with the team. The Bears are building something nice and it would be cool to see Gipson remain a part of it.

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