Chicago Bears: 3 shocking cuts they should make right now

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The Chicago Bears were the worst team in the National Football League last season. Now, they are hoping to surprise everyone and be competitive.

It is all going to rely on how they play on both sides of the ball as some really nice additions have been made in all areas.

Of course, nobody is expecting the Super Bowl or anything like that but they very well could become a very solid team right away.

As the preseason is winding down, these are three shocking cuts they should make as soon as possible:

1. PJ Walker

The Chicago Bears should absolutely cut PJ Walker at this point in time.

We all know that the Chicago Bears are going to use Justin Fields as their number-one quarterback. In fact, they are still hoping that he is an elite franchise-changing player which he very well could be.

Nathan Peterman is going to be there. We have heard tons of great things about him and how much the people there love having him. He isn’t very good at playing but he does other things for them there as a member of their roster. He isn’t going anywhere.

That leaves PJ Walker and Tyson Bagent. Of the two, Walker was expected to be QB2 but he has been horrible in the preseason so far.

As for Bagent, he was the one supposed to be cut but he has been sensational in the preseason so far. Of course, he has played well against lesser competition than the starting players but he has done his job to the best of his ability.

It might not be realistic to expect the Bears to cut Walker in favor of Bagent but it would absolutely be the right move.

The Bears are probably in trouble if Fields goes down anyway so they might as well take the risk here. There is no doubt that he deserves to stay more than Walker right now.