Chicago Bears: Matt Eberflus hints at more aggressive offense in 2023

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Last year, the Chicago Bears finished dead last in passing offense. It was not pretty, and despite the team having multiple excuses for why it was so ugly, it still seemed unacceptable.

Sure, the lack of protection didn’t help Justin Fields as he was running for his life more often than not. He hardly had a receiving core to work with, either. It was a pathetic passing offense, and everyone knows it.

But, this year, things will be different. This year, the Bears have added protection up front, plus a few new weapons for Fields to work with.

After the team’s first minicamp practice, head coach Matt Eberflus was asked about some of the deep passes Fields let loose on Tuesday, and his answers should allow fans to feel far more confident about the coming season.

The 2023 Chicago Bears offense should be a bit more aggressive in their passing attack, according to Matt Eberflus

“You’ve gotta back them off you,” Eberflus stated. “When teams line up in single-high or they line up in single coverages, we’re going to take our shots.”

That question from the media was likely in reference to a deep bomb Fields let loose to veteran receiver Dante Pettis, who reportedly had Jaylon Johnson going step for step with him all the way down field.

But, Fields placed that ball where only Pettis could catch it, and those in attendance said it was a thing of beauty.

“I think our guys are doing a really good job with that,” Eberflus said of the Bears taking more deep shots. “That’s really been the theme all offseason. Certainly, take what they give you, but we’re certainly going to take shots with the matchups we like.”

The Bears added D.J. Moore, who is a do-it-all type of receiver that can not only work the middle of the field as a possession guy, but has also seen his fair share of deep targets.

Obviously, Darnell Mooney is always a downfield threat and has great chemistry with his quarterback.

But, the wildcard might end up being rookie Tyler Scott out of Cincinnati, who has generated some early buzz with his speed.

Chicago is going to let the ball fly this coming season, which will be refreshing. The difference between Fields letting it fly last year and this coming season, though, should be stark, and in a positive way.

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