Bears News: The number one pick in the draft has been traded

The Chicago Bears have finally done it. After weeks of speculation, they have traded the first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a haul. Ryan Poles had a lot of pressure on him to get a haul in this deal and it appears that they have.

The Chicago Bears sent the number one pick to the Panthers in exchange for pick number nine, pick number 61, a first-round pick in 2024, a second-round pick in 2025, and wide receiver, DJ Moore. This is an amazing trade that could help the Bears for a very long time.

For one, they get to make the number nine pick still which is an outstanding selection. They also get another first and two seconds in addition to a very good wide receiver. This is one of the biggest trades in the history of the franchise,

DJ Moore is an incredible receiver that is really going to help Justin Fields grow his game. Now, the franchise quarterback (we hope) has a big-time receiver that they can rely on to make big plays. This is going to be fun to watch.

The Chicago Bears have traded the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Now, the Bears still have a lot of work to do. Getting all of these picks still has a lot of scouting and developing that has to come with the selections. However, good teams in this league have won by turning these picks into players that become a part of their core for a long time.

The fact that most of these picks are high caliber will give them a significant advantage. There is a lot of good that can come with selections like this. Hopefully, Poles and his staff does a good job with their evaluations.

Ryan Poles had to come in and clean up a mess made by those that came before him. Landing this number-one pick was a little bit lucky but he seems to have taken advantage of it. If he turns it into a winner, Poles will be a legend in town forever.

The Bears are no longer on the clock but they added a lot to their organization. Now, we watch and see how they grow from here.