Chicago Cubs worst nightmare has come true this offseason

Chicago Cubs (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs are actually having a really good off-season so far. They added an outfielder and a pitcher that are going to make a positive impact on the team right away. unfortunately, it is all starting to be overshadowed by this news that Cubs fans will despise.

After some rumors floating around of the possibility, the Cubs are losing Willson Contreras to the St. Louis Cardinals. For a minute, it sounded like the Houston Astros were going to save them from that possibility but it won’t be the case.

Unfortunately, their worst off-season nightmare has come true. He is headed south to play for the Cardinals. This is going to be a five-year deal worth 87.5 million dollars for Willson Contreras.

This is a really nice gig for Willson when you ignore who the team he is signing with is. Yadier Molina is freshly retired so the position of catcher is open for anyone who wants to come and try to fill those shoes. Contreras is the perfect man for the job.

The Chicago Cubs are going to miss Willson Contreras as he leaves town.

The Cubs are losing a great leader that loved playing for them. It is unfortunate that they treated him the way that they did during the summer because now he is going to go play for their biggest rival. This makes the Cubs’ chances of dethroning the Cardinals much worse too.

For Contreras, he is in a winning situation once again. There is a chance that the Cubs are good too but it is almost a foregone conclusion that the Cardinals will be good. It is actually almost a lock that they will be a better team than the Cubs.

Contreras will join a team loaded with stars like Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt who are coming off magnificent years with St. Louis. This is definitely a good lineup that will help him get more out of his offensive game. We already know how he fits in defensively.

What does Contreras bring to the Cardinals? A great bat, a flamethrowing arm from behind the plate, and somebody who is obsessed with winning. That is a lethal combination of attributes for a catcher to have in this day and age. The wealth of experience that he brings is even better.

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