Chicago Cubs fans will despise this St. Louis Cardinals rumor

(Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs sound like one of the most active teams at the 2022 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings.

They have been involved in a lot of legit reports for some very good players which is very exciting. Clearly, they are trying to become a winning team again.

On the flip side, one thing that can make Cubs fans very angry is a possibility right now though which is not ideal.

They are going to despise one of the latest rumors coming from Jon Heyman of The New York Post and MLB Network.

He is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals are among the favorites to land Willson Contreras in free agency.

The Chicago Cubs are going to see Willson Contreras leave them this winter.

Of course, as Heyman reports, the Cardinals are trying to replace Yadier Molina who has been their All-Star-level catcher for a very long time. He is retiring now and they are looking for the next backstop of the future.

Contreras isn’t a super young player anymore but he still has a lot of years left in the tank as a great player. He would be able to come in and be an impact player on that team that has expectations of being in the postseason.

The Cubs were supposed to trade Willson Contreras during the regular season but they ended up not. They allowed him to on a little farewell tour that included some crying just for him to not be traded which was wild to see so it won’t be at all surprising if he ended up going to the big rival.

Although he would now be on one of the two teams directly in the way of the postseason for the Cubs, there would be no reason to actually dislike him. He was an amazing player for the Cubs for a long time and that includes for the 2016 World Series Champions.

It isn’t really his fault that the team didn’t handle things properly and that is why he is leaving in the first place. Yes, fans will despise seeing him in a St. Louis Cardinals jersey if it happens but that is just because it’s a rival. At this point, Cubs fans just have to hope a different team swoops in.

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