3 way-too-early trades the Chicago Bulls should consider

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Trade Number 3: The Chicago Bulls make a polarizing move to acquire Kyrie Irving

Over the first few weeks of the season, there is no guy more hated around the league than Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. After displaying a total, nonsensical lack of awareness with some recent comments and social media posts, Irving was suspended by the Nets until he can further prove he’s willing to apologize and educate himself on the matters in question.

However, all of the distractions aside, Irving is still an excellent basketball player and would give the Bulls a ridiculous Big Three between he, LaVine and DeRozan. If Irving is locked in, the Bulls could be unstoppable in terms of scoring. Here’s what they’d have to give up to snag Kyrie, though.

In this deal, the Bulls send Vucevic, Ball and two first-round picks in exchange for Irving. At the moment, the Nets are in the bottom half of the Eastern conference. There is plenty of time for them to turn it around, and if Ball came back healthy, they’d have a nice combination of well-rounded guards between he and Ben Simmons.

Not only that, but the Nets get a scoring big man in Vucevic while giving up young big man Day’Ron Sharpe, who would step in as the Bulls’ backup to Drummond.

Adding Vucevic and Ball, plus two first-round picks, is a good haul for the Nets who have endured quite the distraction so far.

Would that be enough to make Kevin Durant happy? Who knows.

Would it be worth the enormous risk on the Bulls’ part? That’s another good question. But if it all came together, boy would it be special.