3 way-too-early trades the Chicago Bulls should consider

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Trade Number 3: The Chicago Bulls finally pull the trigger on trading for Anthony Davis

There was still no chance the Lakers would have traded Anthony Davis before this season, despite fans clamoring for something to happen. The Lakers are a mess, and it’s all what most basketball fans saw coming a mile away. The only one who didn’t see it was the guy who orchestrated it all to begin with: LeBron James.

But, now it appears as though the Lakers are at least open to talking a Davis trade. Let’s say the Lakers want to make a deal happen. What would it take?

One of the offers some fans have floated around is the same offer as above, although it included point guard Ayo Dosunmu. For the Bulls, that deal simply makes no sense. If Ayo was off the table, though, this makes a little more sense.

This is the type of deal the Bulls make if they think Davis can last the season. That’s a huge “if,’ however. By no means is this a slam dunk trade — in fact, it could end up being quite the opposite.

If Davis’ unreliability proves to linger this year, as it has much of his career, then the Bulls could fall flat on their face after a deal like this.

But, if Davis is healthy and can give the Bulls his current production (23.2 points, 10.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 2.0 blocks per game) then Chicago is certainly in line to win a title, especially once Lonzo comes back.

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Go ahead and go nuts over these deals in the comments. But, you cannot deny the fact that any of these would make things a whole lot more interesting.