Notre Dame’s new ranking is amazing for their program right now

Notre Dame had a brutal start to their 2022 season. They just couldn’t get themselves going and it took them out of the playoff conversation very early. It was a tough way for Marcus Freeman to start his NCAA head coaching career but we all knew he’d figure it out eventually.

He finally earned his signature win as a head coach over this past weekend as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish took down Clemson who was number four on the College Football Playoff rankings from the previous week. That was a huge win for the Irish that shook things up big time.

Clemson is more than likely not going to be in the playoff now and it is all Notre Dame’s doing after that awesome win. Clemson felt fraudulent all season long anyway so the Irish just spared them of more national embarrassment once the playoff rolled around.

Now, the AP Polls don’t really mean anything anymore now that the College Football Playoff rankings are coming out each week but they still give you a good idea of where the committee might be (or at least close).

Notre Dame is finally back to being a ranked squad during the 2022 season.

Notre Dame finally has their respect back as they are ranked at number 20. That still isn’t good enough for Fighting Irish standards but after being unranked sine the beginning of the season, this is amazing news for the program going forward.

It has been a couple of weeks since the Irish have lost a game and it looks like they are going to have a very good chance of finishing strong. They have Navy and Boston College before their annual matchup with USC. The season finale might be tough but we just saw what they did to Clemson.

Marcus Freeman’s program might be able to keep up the good play and continue building for 2023. There is a lot of work to be done but they appear to be back on the right track. To be honest, it is nice to see them ranked again because that means that they are being seen as a comeback type of squad.

Even if they close out the season with three wins (a win over USC would be just as impressive as the one over Clemson), this week will go down as the most memorable because of the fact that they beat a huge College Football Playoff contender to get some ranking respect back. Hopepfully, the good play keeps up.