Notre Dame shockingly tuned the College Football Playoff upside down

College Football is always amazing but sometimes it has just an extra bit of flare. This week’s action was so interesting and created some major shakeups to what promises to be a very exciting College Football Playoff reveal on Tuesday. Notre Dame was a big part of it.

It is a bit surprising to hear that at this point too because of what has happened with them this season. They were not as good as some might have expected but they still are a decent team that deserves respect.

That became even more true on Saturday when they played a hand in helping turn the College Football Playoff field upside down. They defeated the Clemson Tigers by a final score of 35-18. It was one of the biggest upset victories of the season for any team.

Clemson was seen as a fraudulent elite team by a lot of people going into this game because they didn’t have the strongest schedule by any means. However, Notre Dame was not the game that anyone expected to see them humbled.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish pulled off a huge upset over the Clemson Tigers.

Now, with this loss, Clemson is probably done with a very outside chance of making it to the College Football Playoff when it’s all said and done.

This wasn’t the only upset on the weekend either which is the only thing that could save them in the end. Georgia absolutely smoked Tennessee so they will fall out of the top four for sure after being ranked number one.

Alabama was also defeated by LSU so they have two losses. Those three teams (Alabama, Tennessee, and Clemson) now all need a lot of help from other teams in the nation.

Georgia is for sure going to be ranked number one, Michigan and Ohio State are going to be either two or three, and one of TCU or the losing Tennessee should be in the four-spot. The other will be five. Then, Alabama, Oregon, and Clemson could all bee in the 6-8 range.

The fact that Notre Dame helped turn this all upside down is amazing. They are getting to be a major spoiler in a year that didn’t go well for them. That is nice to know because we can be a little bit more confident in them making it to the Playoff in the coming years.

When this thing expands from four teams to 12, Notre Dame could be one of the at-large teams in almost every season if they play their cards right. Coming up with this huge win over Clemson surely will help people’s confidence in them.

They have no chance this year but Clemson might not anymore either and it’s all because of the Irish. Hopefully, they can now finish the year strong.