Notre Dame’s new ranking is embarrassing for their program

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were beaten by Marshall over the weekend. It was looked at as an easy win for the Irish but they have failed to meet expectations so far this year. After a promising showing vs Ohio State a week prior, they came out flat in this one.

Now that the Irish are 0-2, they have to deal with the consequences. The new college football ranking came out and Notre Dame fans aren’t going to like it. They were left off the ranking entirely which is just an embarrassing look for this program.

It is the first time that Notre Dame is unranked since 2017. Things certainly haven’t been perfect for them during that stretch but being ranked in the NCAA is a big deal. They should be proud of al that time being ranked but embarrassed that it ended because of a loss to Marshall.

The Irish started the season at number five but fell to just eight after the loss to Ohio State because of how good both teams were considered to be. Now, they are out of the top 25 completely which is horrid.

Notre Dame is unranked after a stunning loss to Marshall on Saturday.

As mentioned before, 2017 was the last time that a poll came out without Notre Dame on it. Notre Dame’s streak of 80 straight appearances is over now which is not fun.

That was good for 4th in the nation behind only Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State which are clearly the three best teams in the country every year these days. Being amongst that elite company is nice but it is sad (and infuriating) to see it come to an end.

Of course, Notre Dame has to move on from this and try to get that respect back again. They can play well down the stretch of the season and get back in the top 25.

It is unlikely now (without being in a conference) that they can make the College Football Playoff but they can get ranked again and be ready for a chance in 2023.

It all starts on Saturday with a game against Cal. That is no easy task but it is a chance for Notre Dame to show what they’re made of. Getting a win like that over a 2-0 team is certainly a step in the right direction.

As embarrassing as this is for Notre Dame, they have a chance to come back from this. It is a strong football program that has high expectations which is why being unranked is so embarrassing for them. Hopefully, they find a way to get going here in 2022.