5 Chicago Bears that have failed through the first quarter of the season

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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This isn’t fun. This is no fun at all.

But, were we, as Chicago Bears fans, promised “fun” this season? In what world would Bears fans have thought this season was going to be anything other than a miserable attempt at a competitive campaign?

It is pretty difficult for a so-called franchise quarterback to put together any sort of competent offense with nothing more than an island of misfit toys to work with around him. But, that’s exactly what Justin Fields has been expected to do.

Ryan Poles did not exactly help Fields’ cause, either, over his first offseason on the job. Those that knew what was coming, though, have made it easier on themselves to endure this ho-hum Bears season so far. At 2-2, the Bears remain “competitive” as far as the standings go. But, it hasn’t been pretty.

Many individuals have put on some awfully poor performances through the first four weeks of the Chicago Bears’ season.

Head coach Matt Eberflus, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and defensive coordinator Alan Williams can talk all they want about the culture they’re trying to instill. But, the culture has not yet led to seeing a talented product on the field.

Instead, the Bears sit towards the very back of the bus when it pertains to offensive output. And, on the defensive side of the ball, this unit couldn’t stop a nosebleed if it was running towards them with a Nerf Vortex football.

This is a team which has some serious problems, and most of them will not be addressed until the offseason of 2023 — and again, fans should know this if they have been paying attention to this entire process since Poles was hired.

That said, the Bears could use more help from a few key people. Over these first four games, five individuals have failed miserably.