3 players the Chicago Bears must think about benching

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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This NFL season has seen its fair share of surprises and fun storylines through four weeks already, and the Chicago Bears have already been the center of one of them.

In Week 1, the Bears took on San Francisco in what has now been dubbed “The Rain Game,” and somehow came out victorious. But, since that game, things have been severely up and down on both sides of the ball.

Entering Week 5, the Bears are somehow 2-2 and their record doesn’t say they’re necessarily as bad as the stat sheets do. It is pretty safe to say that the Bears have arguably the worst overall offense in football, maybe next to the likes of Indianapolis or Carolina.

But, with Justin Fields setting records that quarterbacks typically do not wish to set, this offense is looking like a train wreck. Truthfully, did we expect anything different after the offseason we saw?

If the Chicago Bears are to be competitive for the remainder of the 2022 season, Matt Eberflus has to think about some tough decisions.

Bears fans have seen some pretty abysmal performances throughout their lifetime, but so far this season, there have been some doozies. To help the Bears’ offense get off to such a horrific start, a few key players in particular have played some flat-out bad football.

But, the offense doesn’t get all of the blame. Defensively, the Bears have some major holes. It is pretty easy to see which parts of that defense opposing offenses wish to target — and they’re doing it repeatedly.

Only one quarter of the season has passed, though, and there is plenty of time to make adjustments. If Matt Eberflus would like to see his team improve, and more importantly give his quarterback a chance at surviving this year, then he’ll think about benching the following three players.