Chicago Bears fans have become soft in their showing of support

The Chicago Bears were once again embarrassed at the hands of the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday night and that has revived a concerning trend that is developing within the Bears’ fanbase.

Whenever the Bears lose to the Packers, the Bears’ fan base goes about their lives with the mindset of just looking for something to send them over the edge.

That was made evident on Monday afternoon when many Bears’ fans took exception to comments that quarterback Just Fields made after the team’s loss. Fields was not taking a shot at Bears fans and the situation likely was a case of the comments being taken out of context.

However, rather than acknowledge that Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers does own the Bears, the Bears fan base rather just hide behind their computer screens and keyboards rather than admit the harsh truth about the Bears.

In fact, Bears fans can be summed up by using the lyric of the song “Calm Down” by Eminem and Busta Rhymes.

“I sit in front of my computer all day
And comment on everything, I’m an expert on everything, Everything sucks—”

Bears fans, let’s try this coping activity. Log off your Twitter count; drink your water; look in the mirror; and come to grips with the fact that the problem with the Bears has nothing to do with comments made by Fields after a loss or comments made by the national media. No, the problem is that you are supporting a team that lacks talent and quite, frankly, does not love you back.

Wasn’t that such a liberating activity?

Now, you don’t have to look foolish when you take out receipts against national analysts after the Bears defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a game where they only won because of monsoon-like weather conditions.

Chicago Bears fans are becoming a much larger problem than the team’s overall lack of talent.

Most importantly, you’ll avoid having to eat crow like most fans have because they were too fragile to hear the truth about how Fields and the Bears would look against the Packers.

Bears fans, the problem with the Bears this season is not the Bears. The Bears did everything in their power this past offseason to inform you that the team is not going to be good this year.

Bears fans, the problem with the Bears this season is not the national analysts confirming that the Bears will be bad this season. The national analysts did everything in their power to warn you how bad this season will look at times.

Bears fans, the problem with the Bears this season is you.