Justin Fields foolishly goes after the fans following a bad loss

The Chicago Bears are expecting a lot from Justin Fields. He was an elite quarterback prospect when he was at Ohio State University and that is why he was a first-round draft pick in the National Football League.

The Bears need him to be elite in order to take a step as a franchise. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been all that great so far and it is starting to show on the field. Eventually, he is going to stop getting passes from people for “being young”.

He wasn’t very good on Sunday night against the rival Green Bay Packers. Of course, you are going to take criticism when that happens. Especially when all of the other young quarterbacks in the league are taking steps and the Bears play 1980s-style football in 2022.

Now, while struggling on the field, he comes out after the game and makes some tone-deaf misguided comments about the fans.

Justin Fields made some terrible comments about the Chicago Bears fans.

“It hurts more in the locker room than for Bears fans… they aren’t putting in any work”

That is a disgusting thing for Fields to say at this point. He is right about fans not putting in the work that they do but he is dead wrong for saying that it doesn’t hurt the fans just as much. These guys are worried about their careers while the Bears fans are worried about their team.

Fans have been through a lot for this franchise. They have dealt with a lot of garbage over the years including at the quarterback position. Now, after looking like he might not be the guy, he comes out and says this stuff. It isn’t a smart move.

Now, Justin Fields needs to learn from this while not taking shots at fans. They pay lots of money to go to a bad stadium to see a bad team. To say that this team is a joke doesn’t hurt them as much as it does the players is flat-out wrong.

There is going to be negative backlash for this but Fields seems to know how to deal with this stuff. If he can go out and beat the Houston Texans and look good while doing it, this will all be forgotten.