Green Bay Packers continue to embarrass the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears losing to the Green Bay Packers is as much of a staple in town as deep-dish pizza. It felt as if they had a chance going in based on their week one win over the San Francisco 49ers but it was obvious by the end of the game that it wasn’t going to be the case.

Chicago got out to a lead on their first offensive drive to go up 7-3. Unfortunately, that would be the last touchdown that the Bears would score as they lost the game by a final score of 27-10. It is unfortunate that they got off to a good start but ultimately let the Packers take over.

Now, Aaron Rodgers is up to 24-5 in his career against the Chicago Bears. He was spot on in 2021 when he told Bears fans that he owns them. It might not be the most likable move but it is nothing but the truth.

As for Chicago’s starting quarterback Justin Fields, he was brutal in this game outside of the first drive of the game. There were a couple of other good moments throughout the game for Fields but nothing significant.

The Chicago Bears were defeated by the Green Bay Packers yet again.

It can be said that a few plays going differently would change everything. However, that is on the quarterback to help make sure that those plays go correctly. There are going to be people that blame the referees (who did have a tough game) but the Bears lost because they were awful.

There are other players on the offense that went missing as well. Cole Kmet and Darnell Mooney are expected to be Fields’s best weapons but they were nowhere to be found for most of the game. These guys all need to be better.

Matt Eberflus was also clearly a rookie coach in this game. He had Fields go from the shotgun for a quarterback run on the one-yard line which is a wild decision. It could have been ruled a touchdown after review but they stuck with their original call because of a lack of evidence.

It was also obvious that they waited way too long to use their running backs. David Montgomery got it going in the second half but this is something that the Bears need to use to their advantage more often.

Now, the Bears have to move on to play the Houston Texans next Sunday. This is a very winnable game for the Chicago Bears who might be able to compete against weaker teams. Green Bay is very mediocre but they have Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback.

The Texans are a different story. Although this was a bad loss, it would be nice to see them learn from it and move on. No matter what, however, it is getting old seeing the Packers defeat the Bears.