5 best offseason moves the Chicago Bears made in 2022

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It’s hard to learn much about a new NFL regime in the first season. Most rookie decision-makers usually take more of a patient approach to get the ship afloat and evaluate what they inherited. The start of the Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus era has fit that MO. The Chicago Bears were conservative in free agency and spent most of their efforts trimming the fat off the roster.

There weren’t many big-name additions or major shake-ups in the draft to get a feel for how this duo will operate in the future.

However, some of the subtle moves that they made or major moves that they didn’t make said more than some would believe.

A quiet off-season was exactly what the doctor ordered for the Chicago Bears.

Realizing where a roster is at and making moves accordingly is everything for decision-makers. Poles and his staff demonstrated this type of awareness this off-season.

The Bears were going nowhere with the roster that was left behind and Poles knew it. He made moves with that in mind.

That said, there wasn’t a lot of wheeling and dealing because the Bears weren’t in a position to do so. An extremely refreshing approach to a past regime that kept trying to pry a winning window open that was clearly sealed shut.

The acquisitions and departures that Poles orchestrated must be looked at with different lenses because of where the Bears are currently at.

These are the 5 moves and processes that the new regime utilized in order to launch this rebuild the right way: