3 Chicago Bears trades that could go down at 2022 NFL Combine

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The 2022 NFL Combine is happening as we speak, and the Chicago Bears are an interesting presence this year. With a new general manager in Ryan Poles, and a clear vision building around franchise quarterback Justin Fields, the Bears very well could be open for business.

The Combine gives teams a chance to not only evaluate this year’s crop of NFL prospects, but also to talk amongst one another and potentially come to agreement on some trades.

We have seen trades go down in the past, as a result of executives and coaches talking at the Combine. Could the Bears make something happen this week?

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities, that’s for sure.

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles should entertain any and all trades in front of him at the 2022 NFL Combine.

This is a pivotal offseason for the Bears, the first under Poles. The Combine should provide new head coach Matt Eberflus with plenty of guys he’s looking for, as we now know he’s looking for a lot of speed on both sides of the ball.

Speed isn’t everything, but with Eberflus’ philosophy, guys who are both fast and strong, and can put in the work, are going to do well in his system.

The problem the Bears face, though, is a lack of draft capital. Currently owning just five picks, and only two in the first four rounds, Poles has to go to work if he’s going to net the Bears any additional picks.

This would be the week to do it, too, as he’ll have every team represented at the Combine. Between executives, scouts, coaches and other front office personnel, Poles should be in for plenty of productive conversations. Could one of the following trades go down?