The Chicago Bears are losing a competitive advantage by not firing Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have just two games remaining in a fairly disappointing 2021 season. This was never going to be a Super Bowl campaign, but to say Bears fans aren’t just a little surprised at how bad it’s gotten would be a lie.

Head coach Matt Nagy added more speed to his offense while the team drafted their future in rookie quarterback Justin Fields. Still, the offense has sputtered to no. 26 in the league overall — the same spot they finished 2020, ironically.

It should be a foregone conclusion that Nagy is going to be fired. The issue is, Chicago’s ownership and front office are most likely going to let him coach the remaining two games before making a final decision.

Ian Rapoport even reported a few days ago that ownership is going to look at his entire four year body of work before making a decision — which is a scary proposition. Regardless, the Bears are losing out on a special opportunity by not firing Nagy immediately.

By not firing Matt Nagy now, the Chicago Bears are losing out on a competitive advantage.

The Bears are losing out on a crucial advantage in their impending coaching search because, as of this season, teams are allowed to start requesting permission to interview candidates this week.

Prior to 2021, teams would have to wait until the regular season was over before they were allowed to do so. Already, one team with a head coaching vacancy is getting a head start.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a similar position as the Bears, in that they boast a future franchise quarterback to work with. It’s a relatively attractive opening, no matter who you are. For the Jaguars to begin their search earlier than the Bears means that they may get the candidate Chicago ultimately wanted.

Kellen Moore and Byron Leftwich are definitely hot names among coaching candidates, and either one would be intriguing for the Bears. Both have operated two of the league’s top offenses over the last couple of years and could do wonders with developing Fields.

However, if one of these guys is the ideal candidate to help Fields develop, they might be off the market or have made a decision before the Bears even get a chance to interview them. Because the Bears refuse to fire a coach within season, they are opting to lose out on this precious advantage.

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There will undoubtedly be more firings at the end of the season, which means more immediate competition in finding the right coach for the Bears. George McCaskey and Ted Phillips are simply continuing to demonstrate that they are not football people, and care far too much about feelings. This is a bad move by the Bears, period.