New report on Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy is absolutely terrifying

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Chicago Bears (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears enter Week 17 with a record of 5-10 and a future that should include plenty of change — or so we think.

This is now year number four in the Matt Nagy experiment. At first, it was cute. It was actually rather positive. Nagy came in and breathed some fresh air into the room, and Bears fans appreciated the energy and positivity.

But, as the years have gone on, fans have realized just how wrong any headlines were about Nagy being an “offensive genius.”

In fact, Nagy has been the polar opposite. In his fourth year, Nagy has led the Bears to the NFL’s 26th ranked offense overall. If anything, he is going backwards, and he’s certainly not the guy fans want to see developing rookie quarterback Justin Fields going into the future.

While most think the Chicago Bears will fire Matt Nagy, NFL insider Ian Rapoport cautions fans not to hold their breath.

Ian Rapoport had some interesting insight on Monday in regards to Nagy and his future with the Bears. While Nagy is under the assumption he will coach through the rest of the season, his future is now more undecided than ever.

“A firm and final decision has not been made,” said Rapoport.

The NFL insider went on to say something even more worrisome, noting that the team will look at the “entire product of four complete years” in their ultimate decision on Nagy’s future.

This is terrifying, sickening and, to be frank, not surprising whatsoever. This is a total Bears thing, if we’re being honest.

George McCaskey and Ted Phillips are not football guys. They don’t have a clue what they are doing running a football team. That’s been made abundantly clear over the years. So, for them to sit down and evaluate all four years, the highs and lows, when making their decision on Nagy, is not surprising.

If anything, these two would give Nagy the benefit of the doubt because he’s just a nice guy. He’s good at “collaborating.” Nagy gives those two a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Why else would they have brought him back after 2020?

The hilarious part about this whole thing, and evaluating Nagy’s full four years, is that this season, the Bears’ offense is exactly where it ended last year. Chicago ended the 2020 season ranked 26th overall on offense — which, as we’ve established, is exactly where they’re currently ranked.

If McCaskey and Phillips are sold on mediocrity, maybe the reconsider giving Nagy another year, if Rapoport’s report holds any weight.

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The majority of folks likely still assume Nagy will be fired no matter what. However, this one, lone report doesn’t sit well. Fans want finality. They want to be able to look forward — and this certainly doesn’t give them either one.