Chicago Bears: The good, okay, bad and awful vs San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Justin Fields was one of the better things about the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The Good: Justin Fields

Justin Fields had probably one of the best games in his young career. He completed 19 of 27 passes for 175 yards with a nice second-quarter touchdown throw to tight end, Jesse James.

Fields led the team as he rushed for 103 yards. He had an impressive answer drive in the fourth quarter after the 49ers took the lead. He capped it off with this amazing touchdown run.

It was the type of run that will be a part of his legend if he continues to play as he did on Sunday. He was dead to rights, and then like a master magician breaking out of straight-jacket, he sprung free and a mad dash for a score. He still had rookie moments.

He took four sacks, fumbled twice (none were lost), and threw an interception. There were times he still held onto the ball too long that led to some sacks or missing an open receiver.

In addition, he sailed a couple of balls that missed badly. If there was a little less air on them, it could have gone for some big gains. He is also still having trouble connecting with Allen Robinson. Overall, he played well and showed growth. Let the questions continue if Fields is better off without Nagy.