Chicago Bears: These 3 stats should get Matt Nagy fired immediately

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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Much can be made about the 2021 Chicago Bears and their failures on offense this far into the season.

Head coach Matt Nagy is certainly to blame for the majority of these debacles. Make no mistake, players deserve some of the finger pointing at times. But, all in all, it’s on Nagy.

There are many numbers we could analyze or bring to the table as to just how bad Nagy has been. We could talk about any of the last four seasons under Nagy. Quite frankly, nothing has changed since he’s been hired.

The honeymoon in 2018 was fun, but a lot of that scoring came from the defense. Don’t be distracted by that one feel-good season. It’s been three years, and Nagy’s offense still stinks.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy’s reputation has reached an all-time low, and he must be fired immediately.

The Bears are currently last in the NFL in total offense, putting up just 255 yards per game. Put that in perspective for a moment. These Bears are worse than Davis Mills’ Texans, Zach Wilson’s Jets, Daniel Jones’ Giants and even the winless Detroit Lions.

Nagy has reached the point of no return. He continues to preach “we will learn from this,” and “find out the why’s,” but a coach in his fourth season shouldn’t still be searching for answers.

The Bears have to fire Nagy. They typically do not make such moves in-season, but this is a case where Chicago has to make the call to fire him. Surely, after the season Nagy will be gone. But, there are a few key stats that show why Nagy must be fired immediately.