Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy has lost control of the entire team

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There has been a common theme for the Chicago Bears since Matt Nagy was announced as the organization’s head coach in 2018. That theme has been that Nagy is continuously been embarrassed in games where the Bears are facing superior talent and his shortcomings as a head coach in the NFL are on display for the entire NFL world to see.

The latest example of this fact was Sunday afternoon when the Bears were defeated 38-3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game was never in question as the Buccaneers jumped out to a 21-0 lead after the first quarter of the game.

There is no need to review the lowlights from Sunday afternoon. This is not a forum for self-prescribed torture. But what is torture is the light in which the Bears are shunned within the NFL landscape. There were several moments on Sunday afternoon where CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo were flat out trolling the Bears in suggesting they were on the verge of a comeback despite the product on the field saying otherwise.

There has been one common trend that has often led to regime change for the Bears. The McCaskey family does not like to be embarrassed. The McCaskey family still believes the Bears are a pillar franchise in the NFL and should not be publicly humiliated. That is the reason why Marc Trestman was fired after his second season as the Bears head coach in 2014. That was also the same reason why John Fox was fired as the team’s head coach after the 2017 season.

The Chicago Bears seriously need to think about making a coaching change.

While the Bears, as a franchise, have never fired a head coach in season, this current era under Nagy is quickly reaching the embarrassing undertones of the end of the Trestman era. Let’s take a look at the timeline of the past week.

  •  October 17, 2021: Aaron Rodgers openly taunts Chicago Bears fans at Soldier Field by saying “I still own you” after scoring a fourth-quarter touchdown that secured the game for the Packers.
  • October 18, 2021: Bears’ safety Eddie Jackson scans 10 years worth of tweets in an attempt to take a shot at former Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs after Briggs questioned Jackson’s efforts during the game against the Packers.
  • October 20, 2021: Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson throws shade on Instagram over the fact that he received a fine for being late to the team’s scheduled meetings.
  • October 24, 2021: Chicago Bears look lifeless in a 38-3 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bears’ efforts were mocked openly on the broadcast by Nantz and Romo. Bears defensive lineman Bilal Nichols was ejected from the game for throwing a punch.

On Sunday, Nichols became the third Bears’ player in Nagy’s tenure to be ejected from the game due to throwing a punch. The other two players were wide receivers Anthony Miller and Javon Wims. During the 2020 season, Wims was ejected from the Bears’ regular-season game against the New Orleans Saints for throwing a punch towards Saints’ cornerback C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Wims was ejected for the same reason during the team’s wild-card game against the Saints.

Wims took to Twitter on Monday to also indicate that Nagy does not have control of the Bears’ locker room.

In the span of one week, the Bears have already had a season’s worth of embarrassing occurrences. This past week has provided several clarities for the Bears. The first piece of clarity is that this Chicago Bears squad is simply not a good team.

The second piece of clarity is that Matt Nagy has lost control of this football team. The third, and perhaps most important piece of clarity, is that Nagy’s continuance as head coach of the Bears is going to hinder the development of rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

The “why” is right in front of the McCaskey family when reviewing whether or not they have to make an in-season coaching change. Nagy has lost control of the situation at Halas Hall and that is only going to get worse unless a change is made.

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