Chicago Bears: These 3 trades will blow up the franchise

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The Chicago Bears are nearly at a crossroads. Currently at 3-4, the Bears are no where near out of a playoff race as the season approaches its halfway point. But, as Chicago prepares for a Week 8 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, we have to start wondering what might happen before next year rolls around.

Head coach Matt Nagy looks as though he has completely lost control of this team. Whether it be Jaylon Johnson posting his fine on social media out of frustration, Eddie Jackson going after former Bear Lance Briggs on Twitter or Bilal Nichols throwing a punch, this week has not gone well in terms of players keeping their composure.

Oh, and the Bears’ product on the field has completely stunk. So, there’s that.

Where does Chicago go from here? Will Nagy be fired anytime soon? Should the organization start looking ahead to the future?

Before the 2021 NFL trade deadline, the Chicago Bears should consider blowing it up.

If we’re honest, the Bears likely won’t end this year in the playoffs and Nagy will be shown the door — hopefully Ryan Pace is right behind him.

The way Pace and Nagy have set up rookie quarterback Justin Fields to fail is a total embarrassment and unfair to his development. A betting man would lay the house on Nagy being fired before the 2022 offseason is in full swing, and if we’re lucky, a new general manager is in the future as well.

Fields deserves to be built around, and the Bears aren’t doing that. But, they won’t be able to build around him if the Bears stay put at the trade deadline. They have many areas they’ll need to address next year, and not enough assets to do so.

That’s why the Bears should make these three trades before the 2021 NFL trade deadline.