Chicago Bears: 3 superstars to trade away before the deadline

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears were just defeated by the Green Bay Packers. They are now 3-3 following a loss to their biggest rival. Aaron Rodgers came to Chicago once again and asserted himself like he always does. The Bears are a good team when they play against below-average teams but when they face good teams, things don’t go their way.

It is pretty clear that the Bears might be at best a .500 team. They are not a team that is going into the midway part of the season expecting to make a run to the Super Bowl. There are some really good players on both sides of the ball but they aren’t deep enough and poorly coached.

The most important thing for the Bears this season has to be the development of Justin Fields. As long as they make sure that is the priority, 2021 will be a successful season. So far, he has continued to get better but they are clearly not going anywhere in terms of the standings.

They might come in second place but that is about the ceiling. They even might make a run to the postseason as a 7th seed but it won’t go far. It is the type of season where development is the biggest key.

The Chicago Bears should consider making some big trades before the deadline.

Because of that, they should be sellers at the trade deadline. They shouldn’t blow it up because they are a decent team rather than a bad team and they also don’t have a first-round pick. There would be no draft benefit in terms of first-round selections. If they were to make a decision like that, these are the three players to consider trading: