Chicago Blackhawks: It is already time to fire the head coach

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are just three games in so far and it is already bad. They are 0-2-1 after a very bad weekend. We knew the Colorado Avalanche would be really tough but the games against the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins were not good.

Against New Jersey, they showed some fight in the end before Jack Hughes ended things in overtime with a sweet move. It was nice to see them battle late in the third but they were in that position because they didn’t play well in the early stages of the game.

Things got even worse against the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are a great team over there in Pittsburgh but they were missing Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Bryan Rust. They might not always win but they should at least be competitive against these teams. Instead, they were blown out 5-2 after letting Pittsburgh go up 4-0 early.

As mentioned before, the Hawks didn’t just lose these games. They were not structured and looked lost most of the time. That is a reflection of the coach. Jeremy Colliton probably should have been gone a long time ago but now is for sure the time.

The Chicago Blackhawks should seriously consider making a huge change.

It isn’t Jeremy Colliton’s fault that they fired Joel Quenneville ahead of him but that was a terrible mistake. All you have to do is watch what he is doing with the Florida Panthers to know that the Hawks could really use this guy. However, Colliton is not the answer.

It is a shame that the Blackhawks have allowed this to happen. There was a lot of hype coming in because of the moves that they made this past offseason. Adding guys like Marc-Andre Fleury, Tyler Johnson, and Seth Jones should make the team much better but they have been all over the place. It is time for a new voice to be brought in.

There is no clear candidate to be the next guy but it is up to the Hawks to find who it is. Other great coaches were fired for much less than this Hawks start. It may take a few more bad games for there to be changes made. Whoever the new hire is needs to bring more structure to the team on and off the ice.

Stan Bowman has been bad at his job for a long time and this is one of those terrible moves. He continues to get more chances to turn things around and this should be his next move. Eventually, he might just need to be the man who leaves.

Jeremy Colliton is one of those guys who has the potential to be a really good coach in the NHL. However, the current state of the Chicago Blackhawks is not the best place for him to succeed. Many years from now, don’t be surprised if Colliton is a good coach somewhere else but his time here is running out.

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