Chicago Bears: 1 guy stood out as the worst player on the field

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears were dominated on Sunday. We mostly saw it coming because the Los Angeles Rams are an elite team that now has an elite quarterback but it still stings that the Bears are this bad. They are using Andy Dalton over Justin Fields which is a joke in itself but again, we all knew it was coming. The one thing we didn’t know for sure was the defense’s chance to be good.

Well, they were not good against Matthew Stafford and the Rams’ offense at all. They yielded 34 points which is not going to get it done. The once elite core that they had is no longer as good and that is going to bury them this season if they don’t get it together soon. A guy like Khalil Mack is still elite but nothing gets done around him so he is masked on almost every play.

One player who was atrocious on the Bears’ defense was Eddie Jackson. Nobody was particularly good in this game against the Rams but Jackson was noticeably bad. He was one of the best defensive backs in the NFL a few years ago but now he looks like he has no clue how to tackle or guard anyone.

Eddie Jackson is certainly in an interception drought but you can’t really drag a guy for that. You need a lot of things to go right in order to have an interception. You can, however, drag an NFL veteran for not being able to make simple tackles or reads. The Rams burned him many times on Sunday and it wasn’t pretty to watch.

The Chicago Bears need more from Eddie Jackson if they want to start winning.

It makes you wonder about his effort. There are times out there where he really looks like he doesn’t care. Nobody is in any player’s head but Jackson has not been the same ever since he signed his big-money deal.

The Bears’ defense relies on him to make big plays when called upon. In order for this thing to succeed, every player needs to carry their weight on defense. We know the offense isn’t going to get it done because Matt Nagy is a terrible decision maker and play-caller but the defense was supposed to keep them in games. Now that they aren’t carrying the defense isn’t doing their job either, winning five games looks impossible for this team.

Yes, Matthew Stafford is an elite quarterback on an elite team. However, things aren’t getting much easier. People who think that the Cincinnati Bengals are a cupcake will be proven wrong. Joe Burrow has that team trending upwards after a big win over the Minnesota Vikings. If Eddie Jackson and company don’t improve this week, they will get beat badly again.

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