Chicago Bears Week One: NFC North rivals decided not to show up

The Chicago Bears didn’t fare too well on Sunday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams. LA owned them in pretty much every way and the Bears were embarrassed on national television. Justin Fields was able to make his NFL debut which was cool but it was mostly a very bad game for everyone heavily involved. Luckily, the loss didn’t start the Bears off in last place.

Normally, a week one loss means you start in last place because at least one division rival won their game. That wasn’t the case on Sunday. The Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions all lost their games to the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, and San Francisco Giants respectively.

The only team of the three that was blown out was the Packers. The New Orleans Saints made things very hard on Aaron Rodgers and his team as they did not look good at all. You have to wonder how the offseason drama will affect the Packers this season and this game was not a good indication.

The Vikings had an okay showing against the Cincinnati Bengals who showed they might be better than we thought. Minnesota lost the game in overtime after the Bengals scored a game-winning field goal in the OT period. It was a tough loss but they were the NFC North team (including the Bears) that came the closest to winning.

The Lions were getting blown out by the 49ers at one point in their game. However, Jared Goff and his team rallied hard and made things very interesting in the end. A couple of turnovers allowed the Lions to have a chance in the end but the 49ers hung on. Detroit probably isn’t going to be very good this season but they had a great showing in this one.

The Chicago Bears weren’t the only team in the division to lose their game on Sunday.

This division is not considered to be very good but this was a bad day for them all. It is still likely that only the winner of it, in the end, makes the playoffs as they don’t seem good enough to produce a Wild Card team. Every team in the NFC West won their game as well which proves they could make it even harder to secure a Wild Card spot for a team like the Bears.

If the Bears want to be a playoff team, they are going to have to win games within the division. They never really stood a chance against the Rams but they need to be good against non-division opponents as well. We know the Packers are going to figure it out at some point with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback which should lead to another division title. We also know that the Vikings could make things interesting as well. Now, they go to week two all tied at 0-1.