Chicago Bears: 5 bold predictions for the roster amidst training camp

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4. The Chicago Bears trade quarterback Nick Foles

Over the last week or so, there have been talks about the New York Jets possibly becoming a trade suitor for veteran quarterback Nick Foles. Although many believe the Bears wouldn’t be able to trade his contract, the Jets have been reportedly in the market for a veteran quarterback.

The only logical veteran quarterback left, who would be available via trade, is Foles. With that said, I believe the Bears get a deal done with the Jets. But, it will be closer to training camp. If any of the Jets quarterbacks struggle early on in camp, they will feel even more pressure to go after a veteran like Foles.

Now, the question is, what do the Bears get in return? It wouldn’t be much, considering Foles still being owed roughly $14 million on his deal and he’d come in as a backup. But, if the Bears could get a conditional pick back from New York, it would be well worth it.

Let’s say the Bears trade Foles to the Jets in exchange for a conditional sixth rounder. Foles would likely have to play at some point for the Bears to keep the pick. But, in the end, the Bears get rid of his contract and are able to move on from that botched trade a year ago.