Chicago Bears: 3 Nick Foles trade packages with the New York Jets

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When the Chicago Bears drafted Justin Fields, it not only shook the fanbase, our division rivals, the rest of the league, but also the dynamics of their QB room – especially the future of former Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles, who the Bears had traded for just one year prior.

The signing of Andy Dalton was followed by an immediate proclamation that he would be “QB1” for the Chicago Bears. This was odd considering that Dalton didn’t do nearly well enough in Dallas to bypass the QB competition that most of us expected in training camp. We should have realized at the time, that Nick Foles was actively being shopped and not expected to be on the team come this Fall.

There were trade rumors that surfaced, including one that would have taken Nick Foles back to Philadelphia. However, after he reportedly had no interest in returning, the deal fell through and the Chicago Bears were forced to hold him on the roster – hoping that some team would be seeking to add a veteran QB to their team.

The New York Jets, who drafted Zach Wilson, have emerged as this team.

Both the Chicago Bears and the Jets drafted quarterbacks in Round 1, but while the Bears have a plethora of veteran experience in their QB room, the Jets are severely lacking.

A Nick Foles trade between the Chicago Bears and New York Jets makes too much sense to not get done. The Bears would take a 2.7 million dollar hit in dead cap while getting 4 million off their books. Meanwhile, the Jets would be getting a veteran, Super Bowl winning QB that would provide a lot of guidance and mentorship for Zach Wilson to help him be ready by week one.

Here I look at three potential trades between the New York Jets and Chicago Bears that center on Nick Foles as the primary trade piece and benefit both teams.