Chicago Cubs: Horrific trade sends Yu Darvish out west

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs have traded Yu Darvish to the San Diego Padres in an awful deal for them.

The Chicago Cubs were rumored to trade Yu Darvish to the San Diego Padres all day long and we even came up with some trade packages that would make sense. However, the Cubs made such a bad trade that it made the trade packages we made not even close. They didn’t even land one of San Diego’s top five prospects in exchange for Darvish which is crazy. Darvish’s personal catcher, Victor Caratini, also is in the deal with San Diego.

It was a big day for the Padre because this came less than 24 hours after they acquired Blake Snell from the Tampa Bay Rays. This is clearly a team that is trying to win the whole thing in 2021 and even beyond that. With the depth that they are accumulating, they are becoming a problem for the National League.

Yu Darvish was magnificent in 2020. People went in with low expectations for him so he just went out there and played amazing. He was the runner-up for the National League Cy Young because he was so good. Without him, it is hard to see the Cubs winning the NL Central in 2020. He will be missed as their rotation took a big hit with him leaving.

For Darvish and Caratini, the Padres sent five players back to Chicago. As mentioned before, not a single top-five prospect is headed the Cubs way in exchange for the Cy Young runner up. It was nothing short of a salary dump for the Cubs. With all of the talent that they still have on the roster, it is hard to watch them start a rebuild but it appears that is what’s happening.

Zach Davies is the only MLB player that the Cubs are getting. The four prospects coming with Davies are Owen Caissie, Reggie Preciado, Ismael Mena, and Yeison Santana. Santana is the oldest prospect at 20 and the rest are all in their teens.

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Even with Darvish’s salary, it is bad that they didn’t get a higher level of return. He was so good in 2020 and you had to think that his trade value would be as high as it has ever been. Now, Yu gets to go to warm San Diego and play for a good team while the Cubs look to be lost in the middle of nowhere.