Chicago Cubs: Five best destinations for Kyle Schwarber

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Chicago Cubs Kyle Schwarber
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The Chicago Cubs aren’t bringing Kyle Schwarber back but he will find a new home soon enough.

Chicago Cubs fans have sort of been put through the fire the past couple of weeks. It started when the team announced that Theo Epstein would not be back for his tenth and final year with the team. Jed Hoyer is going to now be the man in charge. They also found out that Len Kasper would be leaving the team’s television broadcasts in favor of the radio job for the Chicago White Sox. That news came right before some interesting roster moves for the Cubs.

They announced that Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora Jr would be non-tendered for 2021 and that Kris Bryant could be. There is still a good chance that they trade Bryant but Schwarber and Almora are gone. With Almora, it was sort of expected because he was never really all that good. For Schwarber, however, he was a World Series hero and an above-average player for them.

2020 wasn’t his best season but it wasn’t really good for any Cubs player. Schwarber was just the scapegoat for the offensive struggles a lot of the time for whatever reason. Now, he is going to have a chance to go to another team and redeem himself. A lot of people have him penciled in for a designated hitter role but that isn’t guaranteed to be the case. He can play some outfield if a team needed him to.

The Cubs are probably going to miss his big bat at times but that is something they are going to have to deal with as they rebuild. Schwarber still has some good baseball left in the tank and these are the five teams he would fit with the best: