Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber says goodbye to city

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Kyle Schwarber says goodbye to Chicago Cubs fans on social media.

The Chicago Cubs decided to make a couple of tough decisions this week. They decided to tender the contract of Kris Bryant but chose to let Kyle Schwarber and Alber Almora go untendered. This is sad for both guys leaving but it hits especially hard for fans in terms of seeing Schwarber go. He was one of the five guys you would consider to be a part of the position playing core that has been getting it done for many years now.

He wasn’t very good in 2020 but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t an important player for them. He is a super nice man and everyone loved playing with him. He isn’t very good defensively but he has gotten better as the years went on. Prior to 2020, which was a short 60 game season because of COVID-19, he was a pretty good offensive player. As recent as 2019, he had 38 home runs and 92 RBIs which are great power numbers but his average was only .250. which was the highest single-season average of his career.

The fact that power was the only tool he has is probably the biggest reason they didn’t tender him and aren’t likely to bring him back. That doesn’t take away that what he did well was very exciting for fans to watch. People are going to miss him despite the fact that this move was probably for the better.

Kyle took to social media on Thursday to say goodbye to fans of the Cubs. He went through and listed the achievements that he and his teammates accomplished during his tenure and showed gratitude towards all who were there along the way.

As you can see above, Schwarber clearly has a lot of love for this team in his heart. He is right about the fact that they have very successful and they all deserve a lot of credit for it. The way it is ending is sad for fans and members of the organizations but it is what it is. There are going to be a few teams that line up to add a left-handed power bat to the middle of their lineup so Schwarber will be around next year.

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Who knows, the Chicago White Sox could use a big left-handed bat so maybe he doesn’t even leave the city. They have a few guys that could be the designated hitter if needed and we don’t know how free-agency will work for them but Schwarber might be a nice fit. Either way, it is good to know that Schwarber is going out with happiness in his heart towards the city of Chicago.