Chicago Bears: 8 can’t-miss 2021 prospects to start tanking for

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears have lost three in a row and look to be falling apart.

Another week, another pathetic offensive showing from these Chicago Bears and head coach Matt Nagy is undoubtedly on the hot seat. The Tennessee Titans posed almost zero threat defensively to the Bears, yet for about 90 percent of the game, Nick Foles and company had no fight in them.

There was a point in the game where Ryan Tannehill had completed just five passes, while Derrick Henry was averaging under three yards per carry. At that stage, the game was well into the third quarter and Chicago still had zero points on the board. It was a classic embarrassment, which Bears fans have grown accustomed to as of late.

At one point, the Bears were 5-1. While any one of their wins could have turned the other way, five victories through six games was a great feeling. However, much of the national and local media had reason to doubt. Heck, fans had reason to doubt.

Players and coaches continued to preach the fact that a 5-1 record spoke for itself. Then, after a loss to Rams in prime time, it became, “We’re 5-2. We feel good about that,” according to Nagy.

Almost as quick as an avalanche picks up steam, the Bears’ record fell to 5-4 this past week and it appears they are headed for a disastrous ending to their once-promising season.

The Bears have far too many problems to address before the end of this season. It starts with coaching; play-calling, particularly. But, the offensive line is a disaster. Quarterback play is worst than ever, and it doesn’t matter who is under center.

Many fans now pose the question: Is it time to cash in on the season and look towards the 2021 NFL Draft? It’s a worthy question, and a question which some are leaning in favor of agreeing with.

Should the Bears start looking towards next year, they have to consider some of the top names in the upper portion of the 2021 draft class. These players would drastically change the outlook for Chicago in 2021.