Chicago Bears: Time to fire Matt Nagy after Week 6 loss to Rams?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Is it time the Chicago Bears admit to the real problem and fire head coach Matt Nagy?

Monday night, the Chicago Bears proved to the world that they were not, in fact, as good as their 5-1 record might tell you. They were dominated in every sense by the Los Angeles Rams, losing 24-10, and head coach Matt Nagy should be the first person to blame.

The lack of wherewithal, wisdom and discipline from this team was evident all night long. There were dozens of examples, each of them as frustrating as the next.

Ted Ginn Jr.. continued to let punts go over his head without even attempting to catch them.

Akiem Hicks was far too aggressive and careless, being flagged a multitude of times. The defense couldn’t wrap up and continued to miss tackles from start to finish.

Offensively, Nagy called a puzzling game, to put it nicely. Throughout the season, we’ve continued to hear the same old story: “We need to establish the run.”

Where is the commitment, coach? It’s been largely no where to be seen.

But, the breaking point was on a 4th-and-1 play while down 24-3 in their own territory. Nagy drew up a toss play to Cordarrelle Patterson. Instead of going straight up the middle with their only pure running back, he went with the cute toss play to who seems to be his favorite player on offense.

Time after time, in crucial situations, Nagy goes to Patterson on a toss or sweet and time after time, it fails.

This play calling is nothing new. The mental mistakes are not a surprise. The defensive penalties continue to be a problem. There is zero discipline with this team. They do not do the little things.

The reason the national media refuses to give these Bears any credit is because of Nagy, period. There is zero accountability with him as a head coach. Is he a fun leader? Absolutely. Is he likable? Of course.

But, is he cut out to be the head coach? Not if he can’t correct the mistakes which should be easily corrected.

Late in Monday night’s broadcast, the commentators talked about a comment from Nick Foles regarding Nagy’s play calling and this was what the quarterback had to say:

“Sometimes a play call comes in and there isn’t enough time to execute it.”

If these things still haven’t been worked out seven games into the season, when? At what point does Nagy understand that his play calling isn’t working?

Nagy’s honeymoon phase with the Bears is over. By now, he should have realized that he’s the man in charge. It’s on his shoulders to adapt and learn. It’s on his shoulders to watch the film with his guys and figure out how to make things right.

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Thus far, he has not done that. Nagy has had a ton of time to make necessary adjustments and hasn’t done so. It’s time to go.