Chicago Bulls: Powerful statement made as Jim Boylen is fired

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bulls will finally, officially look to replace Jim Boylen after he was fired Friday.

The deed has been done. Chicago Bulls head man Arturas Karnisovas, along with his collective front office, finally came to the decision to fire head coach Jim Boylen.

To clarify: Jim Boylen has been fired. He’s gone. Adios, goodbye and salutations to Mr. Boylen. It’s over.

After months upon months of speculation, the Bulls made the decision fans have been calling for. Let’s be honest, the players have all been secretly calling for it too.

After the hiring of Karnisovas a few months back, every sign pointed to the team bringing in a new head coach and relieving Boylen of his duties. There were reports suggesting the team was in on guys like Adrian Griffin and Ime Udoka to replace Boylen, but for some reason, Jimbo stuck around.

Then, we came to the recent reports that suggested Boylen would stick around for a little while — or longer. Bulls fans shuddered at that thought, and surely the players did too. Why on earth would the Bulls allow Boylen to stick around?

For one, Jerry Reinsdorf loves money — but, more than winning? That’s what we were all waiting to find out. Reinsdorf reportedly wouldn’t allow the firing of Boylen at one point in recent weeks, but alas, the finish line has been reached.

In a statement given to, Karnisovas had this to say about Boylen’s firing:

"“After doing a comprehensive evaluation and giving the process the time it deserved, I ultimately decided that a fresh approach and evolution in leadership was necessary.”"

It seems as though, despite the rumors of Reinsdorf not allowing such a move, Boylen’s firing was indeed a call made by Karnisovas. After all, how would you possibly explain hiring a new Vice President of Basketball Operations and immediately putting the clamps on him in terms of decision-making?

This is a win for the organization. It is a win for the fans. Most importantly, it’s a win for the players.

This is a young core with guys who have enormous potential together, and they cannot function and develop at a high level if they do not have faith in their head coach. It had become apparent, for quite some time now, that the players were out on Boylen. They had no faith, no trust and all hope was lost in his ability to coach an NBA basketball team.

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This is a statement made by Karnisovas. It’s a statement that says these players can trust him to look out for their best interest. It’s a statement that signals a true new beginning for the Bulls. Now, it’s on to an official coaching search that will begin “immediately,” per the press release.